4 Ways to Help Seniors Learn and Benefit from Technology

It’s not just good manners to respect elders, but it’s also good reasoning. Elder adults by definition have seen more, experienced more and in most cases have more life wisdom than the rest of us. There’s nothing better than hearing stories with embedded lessons from seniors who are more than happy to share.

In our rapidly changing society, however, there are a lot of younger people who can give back in return. This is especially true when it comes to technology.

Grandparents and aging seniors may have survived wars, economic depressions, and endless periods of political turmoil, but they may need a helping hand to set up a Facebook page or to use a smartphone. That’s where the rest of us can help.

Let us share a few ways on how you can help the aging family members and friends in your life.

Getting Comfortable

Just as in learning anything new, an initial phase of confusion and uncertainty is normal. The important thing is not to give up, but to move through it and start making connections. For example, show them how “Clicking this button takes you to this website; that’s called a hyperlink and it opens another webpage when you click on it” actually works. Do not only describe it. Many people, including seniors, learn by doing.

Everybody has to learn new things eventually. Help an aging parent or grandparent get acquainted with the internet, a new iPhone or ordering from Amazon. Whatever it is, be patient and let them take the lead.


The days of messy wiring and clunky dial-up modems are behind us. Connecting to WiFi, especially public WiFi, can automatically remove confusing obstacles that would turn away almost anyone who first tries to enjoy the fruits of the internet. It can be confusing initially though.

Meet an elder friend or loved one at a coffee shop with free WiFi service, or a library, or anywhere with easy access. Show them how easy it is to connect to a world of information and services online.


Whether an aging adult tech goals are to send text messages, pay bills online or create an Instagram account to keep up with pictures of the grandkids, continually learning new things online will be key. Let them know how easy it is find what their looking for.

Quality of Life

Technology is supposed to make life more convenient and more efficient, and it almost always does. Show an older friend or family member how to use technology to improve their quality of life. They can make doctor’s appointments online, keep an updated calendar with alert reminders, and access financial, medical and insurance information instantly and correspond through email.

By helping aging adults understand technology, and you’re helping the aging adult’s quality of life. Do you have questions on this or other elder care issues? Do not wait to schedule an appointment in our office!

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