How Do I Choose the Right Nursing Home for My Mom?

There is never a right time to start caring for an aging parent. The role of the caregiver can be difficult both emotionally and physically, and there may come a time when you cannot care for your parent on your own. Should this time come, you and your siblings may have to decide that it is time to place your parent in a skilled nursing home to get the care and attention that is needed.


Often, our clients ask us how to find the right nursing home for their parents. What questions should they ask? How should they begin to search?  How do you know which one is the best? As you will find, when you begin researching nursing homes in your area, there are a plethora of options available that can quickly become overwhelming.


We know that choosing the right nursing home can be extremely stressful. Let us share a few of the tips we give our clients to help you find the best skilled facility for your parents based on the needs of both you and your parents.


1. Visit your options in person.


Each nursing home you visit will offer different options as well as a different atmosphere. For example, the one that looks the prettiest online may be the least clean in person.  The one that seems like the perfect fit based on your research might be overly noisy or have a strange smell. These are all key factors to consider that you would not be privy to without visiting it in person.


2. Make a list of realistic priorities.


If location is a priority to you, don’t choose a nursing home that is three hours away. If your parent or loved one has an illness or physical limitation, be sure the nursing homes you search for can accommodate them. While a spa, pool, world renowned doctors and 5-star meal service may be impossible to find or out of your price range, there are many wonderful locations that have accommodations that will more than meet the needs of your aging parent. Make a qualified staff to meet your parent’s medical needs one of the most important priorities.


3. The patients should be happy and taken care of.


The entire reason the nursing home exists is to provide quality care and living to the residents. Residents should have proper hygiene, be taken care of and always be attended to. Additionally, for those seniors who retain mobility and mental capabilities, there should be games and activities to keep them active and thriving.


4. The staff should be attentive, happy and qualified.


Employing the most qualified staff means nothing if they appear to be unhappy at work and barely engage the patients. In the alternative, just because a doctor is pleasant and attentive does not mean he or she has the proper qualifications to handle your loved one’s specific medical needs. Be sure to research staff ratings and, when you go to the nursing home for a visit, ask how long staff members have been working there. If there is a high turnover rate or unhappy staff, something may not be right.


Remember, you are looking for a place that will treat your aging parent like family and provide the utmost in quality care. While the search process can be difficult, proper research and priorities will help you find the best fit for you and your family. For more information or to plan for your elder law needs, do not wait to contact us today!










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